The photo above symbolises perfectly what life feels like for most people in this world - trapped, struggling, with no hope.

Because let’s get real, our world is far from being perfect - global warming, endangered or extinct animal and vegetal species, waste,  pollution,  wars, terrorism in extreme cases; on a more day-to-day basis, our food is mostly processed with chemicals that harm our health (and consciously added by the food industry to make you buy more),  stress, whether work-related or/and home-related,  violence,  bullying,  indifference, animal cruelty, greed, the media constantly focusing on negative news creating a state of constant fear and panic, and telling you what is wrong with you and what you can buy to get it right... I mean, the list is so long, I could spend the rest of my life typing!

As humans, we have a intrinsic drive to survive and evolve, and as a result, we all have the same basic desire to be happy - to be the butterfly.

So how can you become a butterfly in such a messed up world? I’m not going to lie, that a big challenge. But something we need to remember is that, however helpless, trapped or hopeless we may feel, we always have the freedom to chose. Yes, many things will be outside of your control, but for many little things you actually have the freedom to make the decision and commitment to either change or remain where you are. It is a fact.

For a very long time - 2/3 of my life in fact - I felt like the larva trapped in the cocoon, small, inadequate, without hope and miserable. But one day, shortly after I turned 40, after feeling fed up to live my life like this, I made the conscious decision to commit and work on my butterfly wings, and I have been doing so ever since - one baby step at a time.

This is what this blog is all about - working on your butterfly wings and be the best and happiest version of yourself to fulfill your potential in this world.

You don’t have to work at the UNESCO, go on an expedition on the other side of the planet to save the whales, or be a member of Parliament and pass laws to change the world. Every little act of kindness, mindfulness and respect, both for people and living creatures (including yourself) and the environment will contribute to making the world a better place - like a drop of water in the ocean, we all play our part.

In this blog, I will be sharing what I’ve learnt so far, what I keep learning, as well as outside sources that I like and find helpful in my everyday wing-job journey.

Hope you enjoy 😉❤️